Island Chute

Island Chute

Miracle Slalom Course - Island Chute

islandchute_smAt Island Chute the gradient steepens and the river is funneled around an island into a narrow, fast, left-curving channel. Here's a view looking upstream at the entry to Island Chute. And here's what it looks like paddling into Island Chute.

A series of standing waves extends well into the chute. Depending on the flow the first wave can vary from a reversal to a steep wave. Good eddies are found on both sides of the channel, with elongated standing waves and moderately fast current between.

Interesting things happen at the end of Island Chute. The river is constricted by a projection of rocks on river right and the end of the island on river left. Just upstream of the bottleneck a broken ledge forms Island Hole.

Below the constriction there is a relatively strong jet of current with eddies on either side. The water diverted around the other side of the Island enters on river left, as well as a small amount of water from Clear Creek. Small waves and riffles lead to broken ledge at Playspot.


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