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Kern Valley River Council is an Equal Opportunity Service Provider and a Permittee of the Sequoia National Forest

Hosted by the Kern Valley River Council, a California Non-Profit Organization

Athlete Information


Registration and Intent Forms may be downloaded from the Registration Forms page. Teams participating in the Pan American Slalom Championships must complete a TEAM REGISTRATION FORM. In addition, individuals competing in the U.S. Slalom Nationals or America’s Slalom Open must complete a separate registration form.

Federation Intent Form

If you do not know the specifics of the individual team members from your Federation that will be attending the Pan American Slalom Championships, please send this form in this INTENT FORM as soon as possible.  When you know the names of the individual team members, send in the TEAM REGISTRATION FORM. These forms may be downloaded from the Registration Forms page.

Team Housing

For visiting teams requesting housing, assistance in finding lodging, or homestays, please indicate on the INTENT FORM where indicated. Print out and return the Housing Questionnaire (in English and Spanish) and return as shown on the form. Please download and read HOME STAY RULES. We will do everything we can to help the visiting teams. These forms may be downloaded from the Registration Forms page

Accommodations & Reservations

It is extremely important to make reservations EARLY as possible as August is peak tourist month and motels that are available in the area are limited. There are many campgrounds also available, but as these also fill up quickly during the summer, you still need to make reservations. You can always cancel a reservation two days before arriving, but you will not be able to get a place to stay if you do no do so early. There are many places to stay in Bakersfield, the large city about one hour west of the Kern Valley, so even if you do not able to find a place in the Kern Valley, you will be able to get a place in Bakersfield, but you will have to drive a bit further each day.  A list of the various motels, campgrounds, etc., are located under the “Accommodations” on this website.

There is NO public transportation available in the Kern Valley, or from Los Angeles International Airport to the Kern Valley. You will need to obtain a car or van rental at the airport. Unless you make arrangements with other Federations to share transportation at the River, you will need to have your own vehicle to get to the racing site. There is only a campground at the race site (Hobo Campground) and no formal accommodations, food, lodging or anything else of any type. We have found that the best deals on rental cars is through the various travel sites on the web, including Travelocity.com, travel.com, etc.

If you have questions or need assistance with housing, please submit a Housing Questionnaire. Please download and read Home Stay Rules (Adobe Acrobat PDF Format).

Visa Information

Not everyone will need a visa to enter the United States. Countries that are part of the U.S. visa Waiver Program may travel to the U.S. for tourism or business purposes for up to 90 days. All others, including citizens of Central and South American countries, will need Visas. For more detailed information please see Visa Information (PDF - English).

Practice time

The Miracle course will generally be available for practice until two hours before the first demo runs are done on Thursday afternoon, August 25, 2005. However the course, or sections of the course, may be closed from time to time for gate adjustments and maintenance. Depending on the number of race entries, practice times may be assigned. The course will not be opened for practice once the races begin.

The Kern River has whitewater ranging from class III to class V+. As a result of the excellent 2005 snowpack, some Upper Kern runs may be boatable and virtually all Lower Kern runs are expected to be boatable. There are no fees charged to access the River, although a permit is required. This permit can be obtained at the local U.S. Forest Service office at Lake Isabella or in Kernville. You need a valid driver’s license or passport to obtain the permit. No permit will be required to paddle the Miracle course; you need it only if you plan to paddle elsewhere on the Kern.

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